Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kurdcoin?

Kurdcoin is the first and largest Iraqi cryptocurrency exchange. Established in 2017, Kurdcoin provides exchange services for cash to crypto and vice versa. Kurdcoin also provides crypto news, updates, and educational material, aiming to spread awareness to protect the Iraqi crypto community from crypto scams and other forms of fraud.

Is Kurdcoin a coin?

Kurdcoin is not a coin, and it doesn’t have its own or an affiliate token or project. Kurdcoin is an exchange service for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, such as USDT and bitcoin.

How can I buy USDT, bitcoin and crypto in Iraq and Kurdistan?

You can buy or sell any major coin or token including bitcoin, USDT, XRP, Ethereum and nearly 100 others by contacting us directly at 0750990300 or 07509904000 or via WhatsApp.

What payment methods does Kurdcoin support?

Kurdcoin accepts multiple payment methods, the primary one being cash in hand payments through trusted money transfer companies located in all major Iraqi cities. We also accept digital payments through mobile payment systems like FIB, Zaincash, and Fastpay. The availability of digital payment methods for exchanging crypto depends on the latest regulations of the Central Bank of Iraq.

Can I use PayPal or credit or debit cards to trade with Kurdcoin?

No, we don’t accept PayPal and credit/debit cards at the moment. Check our app and social media for new updates. 

Can I buy bitcoin with Kurdcoin?

Yes, you can buy bitcoin and up to 100 other crypto assets with Kurdcoin. We support all the top 20 coins on at any time. To inquire about other assets or tokens, get in touch with our sales team at:   

Can I deposit money with you and get a monthly profit?

No, Kurdcoin doesn’t accept any deposits and doesn’t hold funds for any user, and it doesn’t provide any kind of monthly profit scheme. 

Will you advise me on what coins I should buy?

No, Kurdcoin doesn’t provide any direct or indirect advice or consultation regarding what coins to buy or how to invest in crypto.

How can I invest in Kurdcoin?

Kurdcoin doesn’t have any crypto or investment projects to invest in. Any token or coin, or so-called “investment opportunity” claiming to be related to us is potentially a scam and should be avoided. We do not take any responsibility and advise you to never send money to anyone online. 

Does Kurdcoin only operate in the Kurdistan Region?

No, Kurdcoin operates in all cities and provinces in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

Can I buy USDT at any time through Kurdcoin?

Yes, Kurdcoin services are available at all times. You can call our sales team at any time during work hours and exchange your crypto or cash within minutes.

Is there a limit on how much crypto I can exchange?

No, there is no limit on how much crypto you can buy from or sell to Kurdcoin, subject to passing our KYC requirements. Contact us directly or via WhatsApp for more details. 

Is Kurdcoin a company?

Yes, Kurdcoin is a registered crypto exchange company in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, with the company’s head office located in Erbil.

Where are Kurdcoin offices located?

Kurdcoin’s head office is in Erbil, Empire Business Towers. We have cash in and cash out offices in all major Iraqi cities. To get the address of the nearest office to you, please call our sales team on 07509903000 directly or via WhatsApp.

How much are the fees for crypto exchanges?

The fees for crypto exchange to cash and vice versa change according to the market rates. But you can be assured that Kurdcoin offers you the best exchange rate in Iraq. To get information on day-by-day exchange rates, please call our numbers directly or via WhatsApp.