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    Our advantages

    Giving you a world-class crypto asset trading experience

    Crypto in your hands

    Trade digital assets without the need to trust a third party. Use your existing crypto wallet to send, receive and store your assets.
    Convenient, reliable and fast

    Convenient, reliable and fast

    Pay or get paid in your preferred payment method with unmatched speed and peace of mind.

    Step up your game

    It is time to leave peer-to-peer platforms, telegram groups, and brokers you can't really trust in the past. On-rmp and off-ramp any amount of crypto securely with Kurdcoin.

    You are in control

    The security and quality of a crypto service requires complete accountability. Kurdcoin boasts an excellent track record of successful trade execution with 100% satisfaction rate from thousands of clients.

    Earn while you sleep

    With our referral and affiliate program, you can earn up to 25% of the trading commissions of the people you invite. The more you invite, the more you earn.
    How to exchange

    Exchange crypto in your preferred payment method

    Buy and sell crypto assets on our simple and secure app. We have automated the same seamless and secure exchange we provide manually. Pay or get paid through online payment methods or cash-in-hand at one of our partner offices wherever you are in Iraq. Now, even faster on our app.

    Earn with our affiliate program

    Create an account and finish the account set up to get your own referral code and referral link.
    Friends that use your referral code to sign up will get a 10% discount on their trading fees for the first 60 days, while you get up to 25% of their trading commissions forever.
    Invite your friends before someone else does.
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    Kurdcoin in motion and facts

    Providing a consistent service since 2017, regardless of the state of the cryptocurrency market

    Over 10,000 OTC trade orders executed by our team, and still counting.

    The leading source of crypto news, research and analysis in Iraq, organically reaching 50k+ individuals per month.

    More than 5000 people used Kurdcoin for their crypto needs in the past 12 months

    Operating the highest AML and KYC security standards to prevent fraud and crime

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    Buy and sell cryptocurrency safely with Kurdcoin

    Featured on Nasdaq website, Yahoo Finance, Coindesk, LiveBitcoinNews and more..

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