July 12, 2023

Kurdcoin launches “Al-Khwarizmi Weekly” newletter

Introducing the inaugural edition of our brand-new newsletter! Stay informed by subscribing and be in the know. Explore the latest news and insights in the crypto industry through our weekly newsletter, "Al-Khwarizmi Weekly".
Weekly Crypto Newsletter The first edition of Kurdcoin's crypto newsletter.

Al-Khwarizmi Weekly #1: Kurdcoin turns 6, Mastercard’s Multi-Token Network, UK Government’s Crypto Seizure Bill, and 3 Job Vacancies


The First Edition

Welcome to the first edition of the Al-Khwarizmi Weekly newsletter from Kurdcoin, covering the period from July 1st to July 7th. This weekly newsletter will bring you the latest news and developments in the blockchain and crypto industry, as well as financial markets, curated by our team exclusively for you. This week, we’ll be covering developing news regarding legislation in key markets, legacy companies entering the crypto industry, and insightful discussions from leaders within this industry. To subscribe on LinkedIn, click here

Industry Headlines

Mastercard Launches Multi-Token Pilot Program In The UK

Mastercard has launched a new solution called the Mastercard Multi-Token Network (MTN) specifically designed for the digital asset industry, marking the next step in their transformative journey. MTN’s goal is to create a solid foundation for secure, scalable, and interoperable transactions in the digital asset and blockchain ecosystems. MTN plans to create trust between users and the company to meet industry demands and enhance payment and commerce applications. The payment company also intends to conduct experiments using stablecoins and CBDCs in the future.

UK Government Progresses Forward with Law That Grants Crypto Seizures

The Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill has been given a third reading in the House of Lords. Lawmakers will now review the bill and make any necessary changes before it is signed into law. This bill is designed to only target malicious use cases of cryptocurrency. To reduce illicit uses of crypto, the U.K. government said it planned to regulate crypto as a broader addition to its economic crime plan for the next three years. Lawmakers have announced their intention to pass the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill by the fourth quarter of 2023.

Hong Kong Develops Ethical Web3 Plan for Industry Leaders

A novel ‘Task Force” has been created to develop an ethical web3 plan to provide guidance and guidelines for industry leaders in Hong Kong. The task force will be made up of key stakeholders from the blockchain sector, including entrepreneurs and government officials. It is anticipated that this plan will facilitate more secure, trustworthy, and transparent processes within the digital asset industry. The newly formed task force, led by Paul Chan, Hong Kong’s Financial Secretary, consists of 26 members. Among them are 15 professionals who have extensive experience in emerging technologies and 11 high-ranking government officials.

Jack Dorsey Challenges Apple’s Tim Cook Over Bitcoin Compatibility

Jack Dorsey has been a prominent voice in the crypto industry for some time now. He recently took to Twitter to challenge Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, on why Bitcoin and other digital assets are not compatible with Apple Pay. Dorsey, who is a well-known advocate of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technology, shared his thoughts on how he believes that making digital assets more accessible to users would help increase adoption rates and uncensored payments. This clash of tech giants began when Damus, a Bitcoin-friendly social media app was removed from the app store.

Jack Mallers Announced New Show with Jack Dorsey Being The First Guest

Jack Mallers, CEO of Strike has publicly announced via his social media channels the start of a brand-new show exposing the truth about money and how it affects society. The show is called, “Money Matters” and will feature prominent figures in the crypto industry as its guests. Jack Mallers has praised Jack Dorsey in the past and it was only fitting to have him as its first guest. Dorsey has been spearheading innovation in the crypto industry for years and is eager to share his thoughts on the future of money with Mallers.

Coinbase Stock Rises in Value As SEC Prepares To Make Industry-Rattling Decisions

According to analysts at brokerage firm Bernstein, the likelihood of the SEC approving a spot bitcoin ETF in the U.S. is high. This comes after the share price of crypto exchange Coinbase rose due to its inclusion in the refiled spot bitcoin ETF applications from BlackRock and Fidelity. The analysts believe that the SEC’s stance against a spot bitcoin ETF is difficult to maintain. As a result, Coinbase could be one of the first companies to benefit from this change.

ApeFest 2023 By BAYC’s Yuga Labs to Be Hosted in Miami

Bored Ape Yacht Club is known for being one of the most culturally significant Web3 brands with celebrities and affluent NFT collectors expressing themselves with the ape characters. Yuga Labs, the company behind the project, announced that their much-anticipated ApeFest for 2023 will be held in Miami this year. As a city known for its vibrant nightlife and energetic atmosphere, Miami is the perfect backdrop for ApeFest. This event will draw a unique crowd of crypto-enthusiasts, creators, and influencers from all over the world.

Two Canadian Teens Have Been Charged with Stealing $4.2 Million Worth of Crypto

As a result of a ‘spear phishing attack’, two teens have been charged with stealing over $4.2 million worth of cryptocurrency from a victim in America. This type of online attack involves impersonating company support staff to entice the victim into giving away their personal information, which is then used to access and steal crypto assets. Authorities are urging potential victims to stay vigilant and to stop and think before deciding as scammers often use time-pressure tactics. Although this incident occurred in Canada, it serves as a warning to crypto users around the world to be wary of any suspicious activity.

Company News


Kurdcoin - Bringing crypto closer to you


Kurdcoin Turns 6-Years Old and Launches New Branding!

Kurdcoin celebrates its 6th anniversary. As the pioneering crypto startup in Iraq, our efforts have left an indelible mark on the financial landscape of both Iraq and the Kurdistan region. Since 2017, we have been leading the way in introducing cryptocurrencies to the country, effectively educating and familiarizing individuals with the immense potential of crypto and blockchain technology while providing cautionary guidance against the associated risks.

As we commemorate this milestone, we are excited to unveil a new visual identity, symbolizing our evolution and commitment to excellence. Additionally, we are happy to announce the launch of this weekly newsletter, which will serve as a valuable resource for our esteemed community.

Looking forward, we remain steadfast in our mission to drive progress, nurture innovation, and advance the adoption of cryptocurrencies in Iraq and beyond. Our 6th anniversary serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, and we are honored to have played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the financial landscape.


Career Opportunities and Open Vacancies

We have exciting job opportunities available for three positions. To apply, please send your CV to our dedicated hiring team at team@kurdcoin.krd. For more information about each position, kindly refer to our LinkedIn page or click on the links provided below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Chief Technology Officer (CTO): The CTO will be responsible for leading the technological vision and strategy of a company. They identify and implement innovative technologies, manage technical teams, and ensure the organization stays at the forefront of technological advancements to drive business growth. Job details here

Chief Operating Officer (COO): We are hiring a COO who will oversee the daily operations of the company, ensuring smooth and efficient functioning across all departments. They coordinate and align business strategies, optimize processes, and drive performance to achieve organizational goals. Apply here

Graphic Designer: The graphic designer will be responsible for creating both visually appealing designs and motion graphics, using their artistic skills and software proficiency to develop engaging visuals and motion graphics that communicate a brand’s message effectively. More details